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"Peopleoriented, equalityand mutual trust, go ahead hand in hand" is  F.M.D'semployment concept, F.M.D is not only pay attention onthe responsibilityof enterprise to socialand the liability to customer, but also responsible foreach employee. Its responsibility to employees is the most basic one, but the loyal of employees to company is the base of mutual development. The core value of "PeopleOriented" is to respect employees, only the success of staffs can uplift enterprise to prosperity!
Enterprise talentvalue: ability and moralityare both important, and morality is first.
1. One person is both of ability and morality will be appointed easily; one person is out of ability but morality will be trained to be better; one person has no morality except ability won't be employed; one person is both out of morality and ability must not be appointed. 
2. Every employee is equal to any chance.
3. Employee who comes first should help the new comers, and all of the staffs should learn others virtue and remove ones weakness.
4. Return on efficiency, ability and labour.
5. Daring in employ, daring in pressure.
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